About The New Lineup

After the demise of promising indie rock band The Story, bass/keyboard player TW and his almost identically named henchman TB (on guitar) bounced back into action with their first post-Story effort, Goodbye To The Band.

Despite losing a friend, drummer and 33% of the band during the breakup of The Story, Goodbye To The Band continued in much the same spirit with no strict rules on genre or role, and was a chance to try and hone production values due to the necessary elongation of the recording process that came about when TB moved away to the big city.

Whilst a professional sound is an aim, it is not always a necessity (or indeed possible for various reasons such as talent, equipment…) and the ethos the band are taking into their future work is one of progress rather than hiatus. Goodbye to the Band was too many years in the making and began to feel like a millstone. The primary reason for the existence of The New Lineup is to have fun creating music we are proud of.

With that in mind, the aim for 2014 is to work towards one EP of epic greatness, rather than stress ourselves out with a whole album of material that, let’s face it, not that many people will care about. It’s not that we don’t seek listeners, it’s just that we don’t need them.

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