The New Lineup’s New Year’s Resolutions

Before some idiot hacked our site and removed all the previous content, there was a tradition of posting our plans for the following year and us totally 100% failing to achieve them.

This year is going to be different, because we are setting our sights low enough to not be daunted by the task ahead. These are commitments to the music world of 2014.

Complete an EP

We have always stuck to the album format. Inspired by Radiohead releasing single tracks in between longer works, we have decided that a realistic aim is to come up with a (roughly) 4 track EP. For personal reasons coming up, a full album is a big project to be taking on. Also this means we can focus on the 4 best songs we have in the pipeline and make something that is just all round better.

Write more on the site

Not that anyone reads this nonsense, but a stricter schedule for thinking and writing about music in theory will make us do more music and do it better.

Practise more

I am 30 and I still can’t play the things that all guitarists learn on the way to becoming good guitarists. Personally this is because I don’t really want to play other people’s music. What I don’t do is substitute this with regular practising. I can mess around on the guitar but by the end of 2014 I would like to be able to impress people. I want to make the transition from ‘adequate campfire guitarist’ to ‘I can hear my guitar speak to me guitarist’. This can only come from regular exercises, and picking up the guitar once a week to strum a few chords will not cut it.


If the next time this site is updated is next December, then we will have failed on at least one count. Hopefully this won’t be the case and we will be able to declare 2014 a resounding success for recording, writing and actually being better at our instruments…

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